Tips to Hosting an Amazing Open Day

Hosting a successful Open Day greatly depends on the ability of a private home seller to professionally and carefully plan, select and utilize the tools and materials that he will need. Remember the main goal of an Open Day is to attract as many interested potential home buyers as possible. How effectively a private home seller utilizes materials such as yard signs, brochures, open home signs and the open home registry determines to the success or failure of the Open Day.

The quality of these materials and tools will always determine and reflect how much effort the private home sellers has put into his own Open Day. Potential home buyers will never be attracted to an Open Day if they are not confident and assured that the private home seller knows and is good at what he is doing. Therefore, it is vital for private home sellers to be very aggressive in terms of the strategic and proper usage of such materials.

Yard Sign

Having a yard sign that says "For Sale" may be one of the most conventional materials used in hosting an Open Day. However, its ability to attract people, especially when placed in strategic and visible locations, cannot be denied. Statistics has proven that majority of the most qualified queries regarding private home sales were aroused by such traditional method since buyers had already personally seen the property. When using a yard sign, make sure it is not very distant from your property, visible from a far, able to point to your property or house and contain the home seller's contact information.

Open Home Signs

Open home signs function much like a yard sign since it also directs potential buyers to the location of the property to be sold. However, they are not installed as near to the home seller's property as a yard sign. Most open home signs are installed at road intersections or areas with high visibility. Open home signs contain catch phrases such as "Open House", "House for Sale" and "Inspect Today", with an arrow pointing in the direction the property is located. These basic elements of an open home sign are simple yet effective in arousing interest from potential home buyers.

Open Home Registry

It is very important to obtain personal and contact information from visiting home buyers in your Open Day. Hence, an open home registration table being set upon entrance to your property is ideal. Make sure that the registry is well-kept, organized and tidy. At this level of the Open Day, see to it that the visitors have already secured copies of the brochure. Additionally, assure visiting home buyers that any information they put on the registry will be kept confidential.


Brochures are probably the most popular material used in any marketing or promotional endeavour. Although brochures are highly effective, it can also be deemed useless and expensive when not made and used appropriately. More than the aesthetic appeal, brochures must also contain relevant information pertaining to the property being sold. It must feature not only pictures of the appealing physical features of the property but also some genuine insight regarding the social and recreational advantages that the property possesses. Photos on the brochure must be presentable but realistic and write ups should be brief but concise.

Setting the Scene

Equally important to the previously mentioned tools and materials above is the atmosphere the private home seller sets during the Open Day. The atmosphere to which everything is set on an Open Day will greatly affect a potential home buyer's interest on the property being sold. It is important that the natural appeal of the house or property is emphasized. This can be done by allowing as much light inside the house as possible. Turn every light on, except those that make buzzing sounds and open up curtains. Turn off televisions in order to minimize any distractions. Instead, play some smooth and pleasant background music to set the mood for a conversation. If pets live in the property, keep them in a separate room to prevent any distraction that they may cause.

Getting all these things ready prior to conducting or hosting an Open Day will help you focus more on the potential buyer's queries during the Open Day. When these things are ready, an open day gets more exciting and a little less stressful.

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