Online Tips in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing has now become much easier as it goes online. These days, realtors can already take advantage of faster and easier transactions with customers and potential clients through internet marketing. However, those who plan to go into real estate marketing for the first time should take note of a few important things first to make sure that they would full maximize the use of such online tools.

You should consider joining online forums. Realtors who take advantage of online resources to maximize their online appearance do so by means of discussing among themselves. You can easily find such online forums and it will be good because not only would you learn more about real estate marketing online but you can also create new networks this way. You might even be able to join exclusive gatherings for fellow real estate agents like you.

When you also go online, you should not just think about real estate marketing per se. You can also use the internet to do some market research. First, identify the demographics of your target market. Know the age and economic status of those whom you wish to sell properties too. Online, you can find surveys or social media sites which you can use to get a feel of your market.

Speaking of social media, you should also consider getting into social networking sites. Most of these are accessible for free and you only need to sign up for them. Almost all types of people these days are already found online, regardless of age and social class. Most people also prefer to get connected with their social contacts this way especially those who are quite busy and always on the go.

You can also use the internet to beef up your credentials. You can either build a website or a blog site, depending on your budget. A website would need web domain and hosting services which you need to pay on a scheduled basis. But if you have no capital yet to create a website, you can use a blogging platform in the meantime. This would also allow you to post relevant information that can be used for your credentials.

You might also want to create an opt-in list function for your site. This way, you can get contacts of different possible clients. Opt-in lists are a form of email marketing, wherein your contacts or subscribes would receive informative emails from you. Just make sure that your emails are relevant to what your target market wants. It would help to also mix in promos with information to keep your emails interesting.

Staying on top of real estate marketing can be easy when you utilize the internet. You can also look for online webinars for fellow real estate agents like you. Some are for free while others require only a minimal fee so you can join in. There are also web tutorials and online articles which you can easily read up on and access online.

Real estate marketing through the internet is easy. This is the way to go these days when it comes to selling properties across different target markets, regardless of location.

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Strategies With Website Real Estate Lead Generating

As a real estate professional, having your own website that is the source of critical information to property stakeholders can be a win-win solution. For your target market, it provides them helpful insight into their home search; for you as a realtor, the website can also serve as your real estate generating strategy.

According to a study conducted by a realtor association, people who are interested in making a real estate purchase will visit an average of 4-5 sites as they look for properties. This means the web is now a primary platform for getting real estate information - from home searches, to market value appraisement, to updates on the industry.

This trend in market behavior has thus created a new line of real estate generating techniques that make principal use of the Internet to connect with new contacts and possible clients.

However, in this modernized strategy as with traditional approaches, they key is getting not only an extended contact base, but acquiring connections with the ones that have a high rate of closure ratio. In other words, what you're looking for are quality contacts, not just quantity.

Having websites that offer free services such as emailed search services, comparative market analysis, multiple listing, mortgage calculator, indurtry updates, market value studies, and other information is a sure way to attract the most serious buyers to your site. When they sign up with their personal information or perform a property search, you get to connect with them with a perfect-fit answer to their questions.

Why Real Estate Generating Goes FTW (For The Win)

That's right, take note of that FTW abbreviation! As long as you'll be learning more about the dynamics of Internet use, you might as well be an expert with its codes and languages. Here are some of the most prevailing reasons why your website can be your portal to success.

1. You own the lead. Since you own the website, the membership sign-up data, search queries, comments, and other visitor activity is delivered straight to your inbox. You get unlimited leads that were referred by no other middle agent.

2. You are in control. From the website content to visitor tracking, you have access to the data and all decision-making regarding it.

3. You have exclusivity. The contents of your website determine the location or area you will be serving, channeling all interested parties to your domain.

4. You generate your own leads. Merely buying leads versus generating your own through your website is akin to the proverbial metaphor of giving someone fish versus teaching him how to fish. Getting one lead is good, but having an unlimited number at your disposal, depending on how you work for it, can serve your whole career.

5. You adapt to current lifestyles and give the market what it wants. Fast, real, and comprehensive information at convenient disposal is what made the Internet big, and it will also the kind of quality your name and brand will be known for.

6. You provide value added services. You're not merely presenting a sales pitch, you are providing your potential clients real, helpful assistance to the one of the most important decisions in their lives. That's the kind of service that can create lasting relationships.

The Value of a Lead

How much is a lead worth to you and your business? If your answer is "I don't know," don't be dismayed. There are more of you out there than you think.

In a recent poll done by Hubspot, 40 out of their 102 respondents didn't know the value of their leads. These results are hardly surprising considering the June survey of EXHIBITOR magazine that revealed "only 47% of companies track leads generated at trade shows and events throughout the sales cycle and only 28% measure and report the number of leads that ultimately convert to sales..."

For a study on the economics of marketing and sales, a group of brokers and business owners were asked: "What is the value of a Lead?" One answered that it was equal to the revenue stream, another said it depends on convertibility, the industry and the transactional value, another came up with a mathematical formula stating "the value of the lead is the present value of profit stream from a customer relationship times the probability of the lead developing into a customer relationship." And when different people have different ideas on how to find a leads value, what is the guideline?

Overspending or underestimating?

Most companies we know devote large portions of their operating costs on marketing, advertising and public relations. Knowing the value of a lead is absolutely critical to determine the return on investment and make smart decisions on where to invest one's marketing budget. Without a clear idea on the value of a lead, companies tend to overspend time and money on less-effective strategies and underestimate the cheaper and more effective ones. Leading of course, to poor marketing and sales performance.

We suggest strongly recommend that sales and marketing people must look for every way possible to maximize their lead generation. They must determine the number and quality of leads they generate, conversion rates and how many of these leads transform into closed sales. The first step of course is to get a clear idea of a lead's value.

Automated Process

There are a number of ways to calculate the value of a lead. Although crucial, most marketing and sales people hardly have time to crunch these numbers. One easy and convenient way we've discovered to do it is by using a dynamic Lead Value Calculator. All you have to do is type in a few numbers get the value of the leads you purchase you've already taken the first step to improving your lead generation and ultimately your return on investment.

Helpful Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

The real-estate market is very competitive, especially with the recent downturn in the economy, a huge increase in the number of foreclosures and properties up for sale.

If you have decided to put your house on the market, be prepared to wait, unless you are extremely flexible. There are a few things you can do to help your home get noticed and hopefully sell.

• Hire An Experienced Agent

An experienced real-estate agent, with knowledge about your neighborhood and its market history can help in selling your house quickly. A quality real estate agent will have contacts and resources that you do not have, resources that will enable them to sell your home quickly and generally for a higher price.

• Set a Reasonable Asking Price

Initial asking price is always important; it could either make or break the sale of your home. Your real estate agent will have an idea on what should be the appropriate price for your house, along with the price range of other homes in the area that are currently for sale.. A house which is too expensive may push away prospective buyers while a very low price may raise some questions on the credibility of the property. You should ask your agent to do a comparable market analyses (CMA) to get an idea on what other houses in your area sold for.

• De-clutter

Potential buyers want to live in a nice home, not a messy one. Remove all the clutter and tidy up. Put away things that are not frequently used. Make your house look more spacious by getting rid of unnecessary furniture, clearing out cabinets, and removing items on top of tables and shelves. Do not smoke in the house and do not cook foods such as fish, and bacon, instead put an apple pie in the oven.

• Home staging

Home staging is an alternative if your home is empty. Home staging is about redesigning or arranging furniture around the home to make it more neutral, homey and comfortable for the prospective buyers. Home staging will help the client's picture themselves in the house.

• Minor Home Repairs

You can fix minor problems in the house like broken or dripping faucets or window treatments. Make a list of these types of problems and set aside a day to take care of them before you put your house on the market. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished in a day. By completing these minor repairs, you have also removed some potential negotiating points from the table.

• Let the House Sell Itself

When prospective buyers visit your house, it is better not to be there. Of course, you would like to meet the people sand show them how great the house is, but it would be uncomfortable for both buyer and seller. If you have taken the above advice the house will show very nicely. If you are there buyers will not be able to talk to the agents and express their real opinion of the real estate and property. If you must have a representative there your real estate agent should be the one to be there.

In this, buyers market, flexibility is the key to selling. There are fewer buyers; therefore they can be more demanding. Remember above all as hard as it is; don't be emotional about the sale. You may be selling for less than you wanted or expected but you are also buying your next home for less than you could have several years ago.

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Contractor John has over 35 years in the home building and remodeling industry. He has earned the prestigious CGR (certified graduate remodelor) and CGB (certified graduate builder) designation from the NAHB (national association of home builders). He has sat on the educational advisory board for the Midwest Builders Show and is a past President of the Will and Grundy County Home Builders and Associates. This unique blend of experiences equips John to expertly advise you as your Home Repair Helper

Tips to Hosting an Amazing Open Day

Hosting a successful Open Day greatly depends on the ability of a private home seller to professionally and carefully plan, select and utilize the tools and materials that he will need. Remember the main goal of an Open Day is to attract as many interested potential home buyers as possible. How effectively a private home seller utilizes materials such as yard signs, brochures, open home signs and the open home registry determines to the success or failure of the Open Day.

The quality of these materials and tools will always determine and reflect how much effort the private home sellers has put into his own Open Day. Potential home buyers will never be attracted to an Open Day if they are not confident and assured that the private home seller knows and is good at what he is doing. Therefore, it is vital for private home sellers to be very aggressive in terms of the strategic and proper usage of such materials.

Yard Sign

Having a yard sign that says "For Sale" may be one of the most conventional materials used in hosting an Open Day. However, its ability to attract people, especially when placed in strategic and visible locations, cannot be denied. Statistics has proven that majority of the most qualified queries regarding private home sales were aroused by such traditional method since buyers had already personally seen the property. When using a yard sign, make sure it is not very distant from your property, visible from a far, able to point to your property or house and contain the home seller's contact information.

Open Home Signs

Open home signs function much like a yard sign since it also directs potential buyers to the location of the property to be sold. However, they are not installed as near to the home seller's property as a yard sign. Most open home signs are installed at road intersections or areas with high visibility. Open home signs contain catch phrases such as "Open House", "House for Sale" and "Inspect Today", with an arrow pointing in the direction the property is located. These basic elements of an open home sign are simple yet effective in arousing interest from potential home buyers.

Open Home Registry

It is very important to obtain personal and contact information from visiting home buyers in your Open Day. Hence, an open home registration table being set upon entrance to your property is ideal. Make sure that the registry is well-kept, organized and tidy. At this level of the Open Day, see to it that the visitors have already secured copies of the brochure. Additionally, assure visiting home buyers that any information they put on the registry will be kept confidential.


Brochures are probably the most popular material used in any marketing or promotional endeavour. Although brochures are highly effective, it can also be deemed useless and expensive when not made and used appropriately. More than the aesthetic appeal, brochures must also contain relevant information pertaining to the property being sold. It must feature not only pictures of the appealing physical features of the property but also some genuine insight regarding the social and recreational advantages that the property possesses. Photos on the brochure must be presentable but realistic and write ups should be brief but concise.

Setting the Scene

Equally important to the previously mentioned tools and materials above is the atmosphere the private home seller sets during the Open Day. The atmosphere to which everything is set on an Open Day will greatly affect a potential home buyer's interest on the property being sold. It is important that the natural appeal of the house or property is emphasized. This can be done by allowing as much light inside the house as possible. Turn every light on, except those that make buzzing sounds and open up curtains. Turn off televisions in order to minimize any distractions. Instead, play some smooth and pleasant background music to set the mood for a conversation. If pets live in the property, keep them in a separate room to prevent any distraction that they may cause.

Getting all these things ready prior to conducting or hosting an Open Day will help you focus more on the potential buyer's queries during the Open Day. When these things are ready, an open day gets more exciting and a little less stressful.

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Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Investors for 2012

Winning at real estate investing in 2012 is all about how well you do at marketing your services and properties. You cannot rely on just one channel for pulling in all of the buyers and sellers you need so check out these 10 ideas and start flipping more houses than ever.

1. Email

Email marketing has come full circle in terms of results, at least for those who recognize how trends are changing. Keep it short, sweet, focus on winning subject lines and hone in on the best times to send your emails for maximum open rates.

2. LinkedIn

There is no possible argument for real estate investors to ignore social media marketing anymore. However, once you get started you will realize that it may not be free or nearly as cheap as you thought but what is, right? If you can only afford to focus on one social media platform right now make it LinkedIn for the maximum ROI.

3. Facebook

Very few of your prospects aren't on Facebook today. Buyers, sellers, other investors, locals and those half a world away can all be reached in milliseconds with Facebook. Even better, for each contact and fan you make you are also tapping into their hundreds of friends and connections too.

4. Blogging

If there is one marketing tool real estate investors need to focus on in 2012 it absolutely must be blogging. Your blog is the heart of all of your marketing. It will help you boost Internet traffic, improve your SEO for local search and mobile marketing and can help add a ton of credibility to your real estate investing brand.

5. PPC Advertising

If you want traffic and leads, you want them now and you need it consistently then PPC advertising is one of the best strategies you can add to the mix if not the best. It is fast to launch, easy to measure and can be tweaked at any moment.

6. Direct Mail

Like email, direct mail is once again a hot marketing channel. With so many Realtors out of business and so many other investors solely focusing on Internet marketing, simple sticking to a consistent direct mail schedule can earn you a lot of brand visibility and make closing all of your real estate deals easier, even if they don't call on your mailers right away.

7. Rent a Movie Theater

If you aren't ready to through your own real estate convention or seminar yet you can still rent out an entire showing of a new movie at your local theater, give the tickets out to prospects (or may be better, have them enter to win them online), then get your pitch in during the trailers and stick around for networking afterwards.

8. Start a Networking Group

There may be other networking and investment groups around town but starting your own instantly gives you a ton of credibility, not to mention control. Use it to get newer investors to bring you deals to partner.

9. Hire Appointment Setters

You may not enjoy telemarketing or cold calling yourself but there are people who thrive on it and do very well at it. So cut to the chase and employ a few appointment setters to set up qualified meetings for you with buyers and sellers. You can probably even get away with hiring remote phone agents and only paying per appointment set.

10. Bulk SMS

Bulk text message marketing is about as simple as promoting your investment business as it gets. It is easy to set up and manage yet also delivers high response rates. It's a great pick for real estate investors who want to get their phone ringing without having to cram in endless on hours on outbound calls.

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