Social Media and Global Marketing

"The world is a global village"- turns out to be the driving force behind marketing strategy in the present scenario. Today's marketers are no more confined to the traditional means of marketing; rather they are maximizing their profits through new technologies. It's technology that's deciding ways and means of developing contact between consumer and company. The Mantra that marketers had forgotten many a time that "Customer Is the King" is religiously followed today.

With an amazing increase in the number of people becoming tech savvy, companies are left with no option but to use social media to have easy connection with their consumers. Majority of the population is online for most part of the day and thus it gives broader horizon for company to reach their consumers directly. It also provides a big platform for consumers to get their queries and complaints conveyed to the companies at just a click. Hence, today companies are using Social Media as their first choice for advertising their products and getting direct reviews and opinions from their target audience.

The products are now not pushed into the market as was the case in yesteryears; rather the marketers have to really pull their consumers towards their products. The "Pull Strategy" of marketing is what's ruling the market today; resulting in close proximity between the buyer and the seller. Also a chance of misleading the consumers is also minimized. This has provided customers with immense power.

Social Media being the new marketing tools the companies are trying their level best to ripe maximum result out of it. But at the same time it's important to understand the pros and cons of using this channel. The dynamics have to be understood well so as to use it for optimum return. One of the major concerns is the knowing the target base. Social Media caters to varied sections of the population with differential needs, psychology and demography. To match up to such a wide customer base companies have to really think of Universal Approaches so that they can strike a chord. Marketers have to design their strategies in a way that's acceptable by all sections all over the world. This has led to out of the box thinking by companies today. Each company is trying to woo this dynamic consumer base. This has opened up new avenues for Creative thinking and approaches which are really different.

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